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Vegan Festival Eastbourne

Heather attended the Vegan Festival as a special guest in Eastbourne on the 25th January 2015, celebrating Veganuary and giving a speech about the varied projects she is working on. This free event had varied exhibitors, vegan food samples and beauty products for hundreds of people to learn more about veganism.


Feedback about Heather’s talk

“Really enjoyed your talk. I am not sure if I was the only one there today who isn’t vegan but what you said did make sense and I am now considering looking into it some more. Thank you “

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging for Heather to come in and talk to students and visitors about VBites and veganism on Friday. We really appreciate her being involved.”

“You are an inspiration! For all vegans worldwide. Thank you for doing what you do.”

“Found your talk very informative and interesting Heather, many thanks “

“I came off my stall at the festival to come hear you speak, I’m so glad I did, found your talk very interesting and inspirational”

This event was held at the Kings Building, East Sussex college. Find out more information here:

Restaurant and Takeway Show

Leading the way forward as the innovation expo for the ultimate market place for restaurant and takeaway owners, The Restaurant and Takeaway show was held this year in London at the EcXel Centre.

The show comprised of panel debates, live cooking demonstrations, 350 exhibitors, keynote speeches and an area especially designated for networking. Heather, being one of the pioneering leaders of plant-based foods for the last 25 years was amongst a select number of individuals to deliver a seminar on Wednesday 26th Sept

DSC_0003 (3).jpg

The topic of the Heather’s seminar was:

Challenging people’s perception of a plant-based lifestyle and solving the problems with parallel replications.

Once again Heather held a captivated audience whilst she delivered a 30-minute seminar. 

One of the attendees said:

“Your speech was great, it is very true that people need to be more aware of what they consume!”

Heather also was invited to participate as part of a collective in the ever-growing popular panel discussions. She was with Hakeem Buge from Black Forest Beers Ltd and Sandip Patidar from Black Forest Beers Ltd

The discussion lasted 40 minutes and the subject matter was:

“In the modern restaurant it can feel like everything is constantly changing, updating and improving; but it's vital to know what the future holds in the world of restaurant tech so that you're not left trailing behind your competitors.”

Heather and the other panellists talked about looking into the future for restaurant breakthroughs and what one needs to be investing in now. 

Afterwards the audience were invited to ask questions and comments on the social media platforms followed.

“inspiring panel! glad it went!”

“Great discussions, the future looks bright!”

Heather continues to inspire, motivate and educate the planet about the benefits of a plant-based diet

VBites also had a large presence at the show and served a selection of samples across their award winning range from their show piece catering Airstreem van, over the duration of the 2 days.

To read more about the show: click here 

European Pizza & Pasta Show

The European Pizza and Pasta Show is the ultimate engagement channel for sellers and buyers in the European pizza and pasta industries. The event matches the interests and needs of this dynamic market and creates unparalleled deep, lasting relationships – providing mutual value for all industry stakeholders.


The European Pizza and Pasta Show (EPPS) is one of the ultimate engagement channels for sellers and buyers in the European pizza and pasta industries. The show took place this year on the 13th – 15th of November 2018 at Olympia in London


The event is aimed at matching the interests and needs of the dynamic market and creating unparalleled deep, lasting relationships, providing mutual value for all industry stakeholders.

EPPS is an industry specific B2B event with a real impact on businesses, from increased revenues to shortened sales cycles, to heightened brand sentiments and buzz on social media. Organised with the exclusive support and in association with the PAPA – Pizza Pasta and Italian Food Association, the event attracted over 150 exhibitors and over 3,000 attendees.

Heather, invited by the organisers joined a panel discussion from 12:40 - 13.30 the 15th November 2018.

The topic of the discussion was:



Joining Heather, the other panel guests comprised of:
Gareth Nash, Consumer Insight Director, MCA Insight

Tim Barclay, Co-Founder, Purezza, Food Product Developer, Coop*

Adrian Boswell, cheese buyer and Deli and food to go concessions, Selfridges

Randy Liebowitz, PepsiCo



The panel had  a very thought provoking discussion covering the rise of healthy dining at a reasonable price, food-to-go dining, meeting new demands, vegan sections on restaurant menus and product range and finally the current expectation to eat out any time, any place, anywhere.


Following on from the initial discussion there was a lot of  audience participation with Q and A with the panel.

The audience then took to their social media platforms

“Keep up the food work heather, everyone needs educating, even I’m still learning!”

 “That was a fun panel full of insight!”

 “Thanks for being involved, we are so excited about what’s to come”

“You are doing a great job promoting the plant-based lifestyle heather”


The organisers said:


“thank you Heather for coming and educating !”

VBites also had a large presence at the show and served a selection of samples across their award winning range from their show piece catering Airstreem truck, over the duration of the 3 days.

To read more about the show, click here:

EPPS is an industry specific B2B event with a real impact on businesses, from increased revenues to shortened sales cycles, to heightened brand sentiments and buzz on social media. Organised with the exclusive support and in association with the PAPA – Pizza Pasta and Italian Food Association, the event attracts over 150 exhibitors and over 3,000 attendees.

Heather will be talking on a panel from 12:40 - 13.30 the 15th November 2018.


  • Rise of healthy dining at reasonable price

  • Food-to-go dining

  • Can you meet the new demands?

  • Do you have a vegan section in your menu/product range?

  • Expectation to eat out any time, any place, anywhere

The Panel Guests
Gareth Nash , Consumer Insight Director,  MCA Insight
Heather Mills, Founder, VBites

Tim Barclay, Co-Founder, Purezza*
Food Product Developer, Coop

For more information on this seminar the details are here




This year’s Vevolution, took place on 10th November 2018 at the British Film Festival on the Southbank in London, and it was bigger and better than ever! It comprised of motivational talks, panel discussions, and workshops from leading speakers within the plant-based movement.


Vevolution prides itself on hosting Inspiring events and multimedia content for the plant powered generation.

Heather was invited back again by Damien Clarkson, co-founder of Vevolution to participate in a panel of several plant-based entrepreneurs including Jonathan Petrides from allplants, Karris and Scott McCulloch from The Vegan Kind, and Anna Brightman co-founder of Opitat.

The business panel topic was

How plant power Business can transform Society and was followed by an audience Q and A participation.


The panel was an outstanding success and members of the audience said:

“we felt hugely inspired being around so many entrepreneurs that believe in a plant powered future” 

“massive thanks to Emma Sinclair, Heather Mills, Johnathan Petrides, Anna Brightman &Scott Karris McCulloch for being a part of this panel”


To read more about this event, click here:


Heather took part in a panel of several plant-based entrepreneurs including Jonathan Petrides from allplants, Karris and Scott McCulloch from The Vegan Kind, and Anna Brightman co-founder of Opitat.

The panel will focus on entrepreneurship and challenges that plant-based businesses have to overcome to be successful.

WORLD CEO FORUM DUBAI  21-24th October 2018, Dubai

WORLD CEO FORUM DUBAI 21-24th October 2018, Dubai


The World CEO Forum 2018 was a gathering of the most influential business leaders invited from all over the world with a key focus on networking, facilitating business and of course having fun.

The forum, held this year on the World famous QE2, docked at Port Rashid in Dubai, encased all the latest news and trends from people with real-life experience and knowledge, along with a series of interviews with leaders from various industries. 

The forum covered everything from Expo 2020 and its numerous business opportunities, to international business trends and more, captivating presentations providing actionable takeaways to enhance key established businesses. 

As one of the industry’s leading innovators, Heather was invited to deliver an hour’s long keynote speech on solving the $ Trillion Health Care Problem.

Heather, speaking alongside other influential business personnel such as, Hamad Buamin, Director General Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry said:

“Solutions to problems are easy. They are made up of common sense and basic understanding on both sides. The main problems arise when people complicate the fundamental principles.”

The speech took place in the main conference room and was full with 500 delegates:

Afterwards social media was flooded with an array comments following on from heathers speech.

 “Welcome back to Dubai Heather, delighted that you’re bringing your wealth of plant-based knowledge to this country”

“Good luck and keep up the good work, sending love from Sweden”

 “Amazing work, keep it up”

James Magee, the event Director of Event Team said:

‘’We have been doing this for 30+ years and it is rare we meet someone who makes such a lasting impression.  Heather was a huge hit with the delegates at the World CEO Forum, you could have heard a pin drop in the room as the delegates where mesmerized with her presentation.  The content was riveting, the delivery exceptional and the feedback amazing. Heather is truly a remarkable woman with a life story that had everyone hanging on every word.  What a life, what an inspiration.  The part we had not counted on, (even contemplated really), was the fact we would get to know her and really love her personality, her character, there is a presence in the room when Heather is there that is hard to ignore, a genuinely lovely human being.  The team all enjoyed every minute of her company, my family are proud to have met her and got to know her as a person, lots of friendships were made.  We are all healthier for having met her, we are not just VBites fans, we genuinely are now Heather Mills fans!”

To read more about the Forum, click here:

REMAX 2018

REMAX held their annual convention on the 17th-19th  October, 2018 at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the European convention and Remax choose the overarching theme "X Change” where they focused on building a connection between the history of the former stock exchange in the city of Amsterdam, their anniversary and most importantly about the Remax business itself.

Heather on stage giving her talk

Heather on stage giving her talk

The convention was attended by over almost 2,000 attendees from around 40 countries including Europe, Canada, US and South Africa. The attendees were made up of real estate agents and   regional owners.

Remax promotes a franchise system where everyone is independently working and thinking as an entrepreneur. Their goal is to share ideas and experiences with the best in the industry, and build relationships taking businesses to the next level!

Heather was invited by Sebastian Troll

Executive Director Marketing after seeing her speak at The Fifteen Seconds festival in Graz

Sebastian said:

“From what I saw and heard from Heather at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, was very inspiring and personal. I saw the perfect match and believed that she would create a huge value for the people at the European Convention”

Heather was welcomed to the stage, to a standing ovation to deliver her keynote speech on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:15 - 12:00 

The speech titled ‘Inspiration from Within: Overcoming the Odds’  was a huge success. 

Heather discussed challenging people’s perception and proving all adversity can be overcome with the right frame of mind and belief in one’s ability. This was followed by a Q and A session on stage.

Members of the audience took to their social media platform.

“Thank you for your dedication to the cause Heather, the world and the animals in it need more people like you”

“Such a lovely human being”

 “You were a star, thanks”

Later on that day Heather joined a woman’s panel in the Xpertise Suite.  

unspecified-3 (1).jpeg

Alongside Heather were two other female entrepreneurs Michelle Goodridge and Daria Vodopianov.

The ‘Women's Power Breakout Session’ was an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the panels and the audience.

The aim of the panel was to help everyone work better, smarter and recruit more women into their local markets.

Michelle Goodrige (Remax Ambassador) said:

“You were amazing Heather and a true inspiration! Thanks for being a part of our conference and my women’s panel” … “You killed it!”

To read more about this event, click here:

Food Business Expo

Heather Mills was invited by Food and Drink Business Europe to speak at Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 7th November 2017.

The event was not only attended by food and drink professionals from across Europe, but over 2,000 key decisions makers from the UK’s leading food processing, rentals and food service industries participated.

There were a range of seminars and panel discussions highlighting the key issues facing the industry.

Fifteen individual conferences dedicated to food, beverage and the manufacturing service were held, with over 250 speakers covering topics of interest currently facing the sector.

The event was a collection of a wide number of individual events with their own individual focus. By gathering delegates and advocates in one room, the Food and Drink Business Expo created a perfect environment for cooperation and networking.

Heather was invited and chose to speak about the current manufacturing market, plant based foods and the challenges facing the marine eco system.

In her speech Heather discussed the importance of business manufacturing and delivering consumer advantage through nutrition, taste and function when promoting her Award winning 20 yr old Plant Based food company VBites.

Highlighting the fact that a vegan diet ultimately saved her life over two decades ago, when she explained in 1993. On Lorraine Kellys GMTV,  the nutritional benefits and results are only now being brought to light in the media.

After experiencing such a traumatic event first hand, Heather is now able to provide the drive and motivation to adapt a lifestyle that will benefit not only health, but the planet and long term eco-system as well.

Heather discussed the benefits of being plant-based, the effects that it has on the marine eco-system, and the fact that you can now take oil from algae and develop vitamins and oil capsules that will change the way we treat our planet. Ultimately this research and the findings will save fish, marine life and the eco-system that is slowly being wiped out by us humans. There isn't just a focus on marine life, Heather also discusses the other animals that are suffering every day - she spoke about the importance of saving as many sentient beings as possible. For example within the fashion industry, many companies are changing their views on using real fur for their products - it is a small step in the right direction that others need to then  follow.

As well as this, and a key focus on heath and nutritional benefits, she went on to encourage people to shop locally and to buy British products which will ultimately help the food and drink industry going forward.

Chris Sturman, Chief Executive of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation spoke on the main stage about the challenges we may face in the future.

He said:

“Europe has complex supply chains and at the moment  there is no clear plan from the Government. Shippers will need time to adjust to a new reality. For every hour of delay at customs, there is a £15,000 cost to road haulage and that is not sustainable. Shopping locally and supporting independent British businesses will be what drives the countries Food and Drink industry in 2018 and the future.”

The show itself covered top trends across the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors, from improving traceability and consumer trust, transforming productivity, to highlighting the latest new ingredients and super foods currently making an impression on the industry.

For further information, click here: