Charity & Campaigning


1991 - 1997 Heather set up a refugee crisis centre which focused on the eradication of landmines and survivor assistance.

1998 Calvert Trust: Fundraiser: Heather helped families with disabilities stay together on an integrated holiday.

1999 Cambodia Trust - Duchess of Kent: VSO visit: Heather visited Cambodia to help raise awareness, making a documentary of the troubles in Cambodia, and accompanying the Duchess of Kent on a fact finding mission for the charity VSO

1999 Vo!ce: Heather wrote and produced this single. It reached peak position in the charts of March 1999. This was created in order to help people with disabilities. All artist royalties from the sale of the single were donated to aid the war survivors in Croatia.

2000 - 2006 AAM, Adopt-A-Minefield, Heather, Co-Founder, Patron and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, raised awareness about landmines and generated much needed funds.

2005 VIVA, Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, Heather is also a patron of Viva: Viva is a campaigning charity for the rights of animal welfare.

2006 Canadian Seal Pup Visit: Heather campaigned to end the Canadian Seal Hunt by closing the global market for seal products.

2007 Dog and Cat Fur Ban: 1st ever animal European Parliament Ban on the import, export and trade of Dog and Cat Fur. Played a key role in awareness, negotiations and the gathering of 250,000 petition signatures, creating the new EU law banning imports from China.

2008 HPAC, Hunts Point Alliance for Children, Heather, Honorary Chairwoman: Heather worked with families to support the education and progress of the children of Hunts Point NY, USA and Heather donated $1million of healthy food to HPAC.

2009 NYCHSF, New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods, Board Heather became a board member for this non profit organization, introducing plant based foods and nutritional education in schools to educate the school communities. Heather opened a free VBites Cafe to provide healthy food for the school children of the Bronx.

2008 - Present, Easter Seals, Heather is a New York State board member: She provides leadership and helps with the fundraising. Easter Seals assists people with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities and offers them a chance to live freely in the community, minimising the pressures on their families.

2008 Farm Sanctuary: Heather worked with Farm Sanctuary and helped to combat issues associated with factory farming.

2009 Retreat Animal Rescue,Heather is a Patron: Retreat Animal Rescue, shows commitment to animal welfare.



1994 - Heather Mills Trust: Heather setup workshops in prisons to dismantle and recycle prosthetic limbs by collecting unused limbs from clinics around the UK. These were then driven to the former Yugoslavia.

1994 - Donor Family Network: Increased organ donation in UK through George Best video (2002) and media awareness.Click here to watch the video.

1996 - 1999 CAMBODIA: Heather launched an appeal to raise funds desperately needed for prosthetic parts along with rehabilitation and retraining of landmine amputees.

2000 - 2008 AAM, Adopt-A-Minefield / No More Landmines, Heather, a Patron and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador:AAM/NML was created in response to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. Heather raised awareness about landmines and their associated problems and has raised funds to clear 21million sq meters of mine filled land and assisted over 400,000 amputees.

2001 New York State Benefit Concert, Heather arranged an impromptu benefit concert for the firemen and people of NY after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, raising $60 million.

2001 INDIA: Heather went on an awareness and fundraising trip to Gujarat after the devastating earthquake. This resulted in 5,000 limbs being donated to earthquake victims, along with essential medical equipment and makeshift hospital tents.

2001 VIETNAM: Heather went on this fundraising and awareness trip, highlighting the issues of landmines and their survivors. She helped to supply computers for disabled children that were unable to reach schools.

2002 SIERRA LEONE: Heather established a clinic with Ed Pennington Ridge, in order to fit low cost limbs to amputees by using local recyclable materials.

2005 Launch of World Blood Donor Day: Heather fronted this national launch by highlighting awareness for the need for internationally safe blood and provided a platform for this to take place.

2005 PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Heather campaigned against the abuse against animals.

2005 PETA J.Crew: Following an 11 week boycott campaign against wearing dog and cat fur, the USA store ended it’s fur sales in all stores across the USA.

2007 VIVA, Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation-Farrowing Crates: Heather went on an undercover investigation into farmings most hidden horrors. Her findings finally ended Marks and Spencer's use of cruelty intensive pig farming.

2009 Celebrity Catwalk, In aid of National Animal Rescue. Heather's fashion line, called Be@One debuts on the Los Angeles catwalk . The garments all remodelled from recycled clothes. 

WARNING: Contains graphic footage

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
— Gandhi