VBites Cafe opens in Chester

Vegan food advocate and campaigner Heather Mills opens vegan food cafe chain, VBites, at the new Holland & Barrett store in Foregate Street, Chester. 

Oprah Winfrey showcased VBites on her show: Where Are They Now

Whilst there, Heather announced her exciting plans to open many more cafe outlets around the country, in partnership with the U.K.’s largest health food store, Holland & Barrett.

It has been Heather’s dream to create a chain of vegan, healthier fast food outlets and that dream, after decades of hard work, is finally coming true! The VBites Chester concession is their third outlet, in the VBites growing empire.

VBites is the world’s leading manufacturer of vegan, meat, fish and dairy free foods, which are kosher, pareve and halal accredited. VBites Foods distributes 74 products to 18 countries worldwide and has achieved Ethical Award status for the 9th year running.



As well as creating and owning VBites, Heather is Britain’s world record holder in five Winter Sports – and is also the fastest disabled woman on skis in the world so it was appropriate that she was accompanied to VBites Chester by another sportsperson; former Snooker World Champion and newly converted vegan, Neil Robertson. Neil was also there to meet the public and discuss the benefits of a vegan diet.

The day was a huge success. 

Customers were given tantalising free lunchtime vegan nibbles and Heather was signing copies of her vegan cookery book, LoveBites, of which all donations went to the Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre.

The VBites vision is to make a meat, fish and dairy free foods diet a viable, healthy, satisfying and sustainable proposition. The long term goal is to build a healthy fast-food brand, which takes the core VBites philosophies and places them at the centre of the lunchtime food trade. The emphasis is not on catering for vegans, but to offer a delicious and healthy alternative to ‘normal’ animal based lunches.

VBites is fully aware of the growing number of people, including children who are lactose intolerant and as a family run business, recognises the importance of the family being able to all eat out together at the same place.

Founder of VBites, Heather Mills said on the day:

“The VBites range has been developed to be enjoyed by people across a whole spectrum of different diets and proves that vegan food is not limited in taste or variety. Our partnership with Holland & Barrett shows how committed we are to introducing this exciting new range to the high street and I look forward to sharing our wonderful food with the people of Chester.”

Holland & Barrett International’s Chief Executive, Peter Aldis, also said:

“We are delighted to support the VBites range and are fully behind Heather’s aim to bring innovative vegan food to a wider audience, which appeals to the whole family. The synergy between Holland & Barrett and VBites made it a natural decision to place concessions in-store and we are excited about the future roll out.”

All of VBites food is accredited by the Vegetarian and Vegan Society and is free from animal products, fish, eggs, dairy, artificial colourings, GMO’s, hydrogenated fats and oils. The Vbites products are also suitable for low-gluten dietary requirements, as well as being Kosher, Halal and Pareve.

The address of new Holland & Barrett More in Chester, is 44 Foregate Street, Chester, CH1 1HA

For further information on VBites products, visit our VBites website.