Motivational and Inspirational Speaker 

Renowned keynote speaker Heather, has been delivering motivational and inspirational talks to international audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000 people since 1994.

With her talks lasting from twenty minutes to two hours, Heather has an ability to address an audience, workforce or membership on almost any theme. Due to her life experience in a multitude of areas, Heather's ability to influence and add her own perspective on any subject matter has taken her all over the world as a guest speaker. See for yourself in the video below: -

A no nonsense straight talker, Heather speaks from the heart and is not afraid to tell it like it is.


Heather has delivered motivational and inspirational talks to a variety of audiences, some of which are listed below

Building a presentation around your message.

Heather's many and varied roles have taken her across the globe to remote, exotic and even dangerous places. Her message is simple; "Never give up", "Even the impossible is possible".

Heather will work with you to build a theme for your keynote presentation or to build a talk around your message, seamlessly infusing it with her trademark straight-talking, inspiring, no-nonsense, get-up-and-go candor.

You can expect an original and innovative take on your problem, theme or suggestion and, with that, buckets of motivational energy and real know how experience. Heather recounts tales of her varied and interesting life and draws them back to your message, with ever-such-a-lot of laughter thrown in for good measure, which will be sure to keep the audience routed to their seats.

Heather Mills is a dynamic personality with a wealth of knowledge about global humanitarian issues.

I was so impressed I asked her to host my TV show Larry King Live
— Larry King
People were very quiet after her talk, which concerned me until I realised that Heather had made a huge impact, and they were just thoughtful.
— Mike McGee, Landmark

Sir Richard Branson


Initially when you meet her, you just wonder if she’s too good to be true. 

All she talks about is good causes, ways of helping other people. When I first met her, I must admit I thought is there a side to this that I’m missing, but I suppose that’s because people in Britain are brought up to be slightly cynical and years and years and years later, she’s been completely consistent. She is 100% genuine and I would kill for her, and I think anyone else who got a telephone call would kill for her, and when I say for her, it’s for the other people that’s she’s fighting for.


Hillary Clinton


She has accomplished so much and she has inspired so many people along the way. But she’s also great fun. 

She’s just someone who lights up a room when she walks in. She combines the seriousness of her mission with the understanding of the fleeting nature of life and the need to enjoy every single minute of this beautiful gift that we’ve been given. And through it all she never forgets, there are many children and many men and women that don’t have anywhere near the blessing that we enjoy today.


Larry King


Heather Mills is a dynamic personality with a wealth of knowledge about global humanitarian issues. 

She is passionate about her focus on nutrition and healthy living, animal rights, and her life story is both riveting and remarkable.

I was so impressed I asked her to host my TV show Larry King Live. Heather was a smart, charming and gracious guest host. She was very well prepared. I have no doubt! I would love her to be my resident host.


Mark McCormack


I think she has an extraordinary personality, engaging personality and a very magnetic personality. 

It is a story of determination, it is a story of perseverance, it is a story of dedication. What she has gone through in her life, and what she has been able to accomplish is positively mind blowing, and so I think people want to hear about someone who can have a lot of adversity and come back and turn that into such positive things.


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