Prosthetic Limbs

A Formidable Team


Abdo Haidar and Heather are a formidable team that have worked untiringly designing and developing innovative prosthetic limbs. They have been working closely together for 5 years and the outcome of one of their many achievements is the success in developing a ski leg, enforced with carbon fibre, that can withstand harsh and compact snow conditions. 

The two worked diligently on the ski leg that enabled Heather to achieve 5 World records, one of them being the World record’s fastest disabled woman on planet, reaching speeds of 166.84 kph.

The team have also worked on the design of a new ski leg that enabled a bone cancer survivor to learn to ski after a recent amputation. Mathew Short turned to Heather Mills after his amputation who recommended a visit to The London Prosthetic centre and, after the initial consultation, the design of Matt’s new leg was designed. The key benefit for Matt was to provide him with the ideal solution, to help him achieve his goals on the slopes and embark on his Paralympic dream.


Abdo and Heather have become a household name in the industry as they continue to extend their knowledge and help to others who strive for a better life. With that said and for those who know Heather well, can now also welcome Abdo to Heather's amputee forum as a dependable sound board for your technical and prosthetic answers. 

State Registered Prosthetist  specialising in upper and lower limb prosthetics with over 20 years of NHS and private experience. Abdo is the lead Consultant Prosthetist and clinical director at The London Prosthetic Centre, based in the first London only private prosthetic facility offering custom made silicone on-site. 

Abdo attended a number of Bond Solon expert witness courses, awarded an Expert witness certificate from Cardiff University, member of the Expert Witness Institute, and has prepared many expert witness prosthetic reports following amputation. Previous roles included Prosthetic Lead at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton where Abdo was responsible for the prosthetic rehabilitation of over 1,500 lower limb amputees. Other appointments have included prosthetic product specialist with RSLSteeper, Honorary President for the Chinese Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics, examiner at the University of Salford. Abdo is a nominated prosthetic clinical tutor for the University of Salford, UK for the last 15 years and LaTrobe University in Australia. 

Find a prosthetist who is qualified and most importantly one who listens. Everyone is different so communication is vital to get what you want from your limb. 


The London Prosthetic Centre Team