Venturing into vegan beauty

Essentially, our skin is like a sponge,
it absorbs everything we put on it, so ultimately our beauty routine becomes as significant as what we eat.


“Finally, a really generous thing to do is to forego one of your Christmas presents and agree to use the money to buy healthy food to feed the less fortunate or donate to your favourite charity.”

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“One of the biggest food dilemmas I have had to face during my decades of being a vegan is the stigma. The same questions always arise: Where do I get my protein? Why do all vegans only eat lentils and beans, and look like they are ill? Which is obviously not true



THE V WORD - Plant-Based Beauty

We all know that no matter how lovely someone looks on the outside, if they are not kind, considerate and loving on the inside, their beauty dissipates very quickly.

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THE V WORD - Best Therapy

Many people use the phrase “you are what you eat” but it’s not often that we truly think of how deep a phrase that is

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THE V WORD - Omega 3

As time passed I met more and more people who wanted to give up fish but
were obsessed with consuming omega 3

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THE V WORD - Plant Based Diet

I hope these key facts give you the incentive to choose a yummy VBites vegan burger over a beef burger.
— Heather's hints on making a transition to a plant based diet

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THE V WORD - Eating Out

Despite the change in attitude toward vegan food seen recently, there is still room for improvement.
— Heather on eating out

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THE V WORD - Powered By Plants

I have been athletic since a young age, but staying fit and healthy has not been easy. When I was younger, I (like most others) believed the huge marketing campaigns by the meat and dairy industry targeting our schools that they were the best sources of protein and calcium
— on protein myths

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THE V WORD - Chocoholic Memories

In the fifth installment of the V Word for Prime Impact, Heather discusses the dangers of sugar and chocolate around Easter. 

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