The World CEO Forum 2018 was a gathering of the most influential business leaders invited from all over the world with a key focus on networking, facilitating business and of course having fun.

The forum, held this year on the World famous QE2, docked at Port Rashid in Dubai, encased all the latest news and trends from people with real-life experience and knowledge, along with a series of interviews with leaders from various industries. 

The forum covered everything from Expo 2020 and its numerous business opportunities, to international business trends and more, captivating presentations providing actionable takeaways to enhance key established businesses. 

As one of the industry’s leading innovators, Heather was invited to deliver an hour’s long keynote speech on solving the $ Trillion Health Care Problem.

Heather, speaking alongside other influential business personnel such as, Hamad Buamin, Director General Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry said:

“Solutions to problems are easy. They are made up of common sense and basic understanding on both sides. The main problems arise when people complicate the fundamental principles.”

The speech took place in the main conference room and was full with 500 delegates:

Afterwards social media was flooded with an array comments following on from heathers speech.

 “Welcome back to Dubai Heather, delighted that you’re bringing your wealth of plant-based knowledge to this country”

“Good luck and keep up the good work, sending love from Sweden”

 “Amazing work, keep it up”

James Magee, the event Director of Event Team said:

‘’We have been doing this for 30+ years and it is rare we meet someone who makes such a lasting impression.  Heather was a huge hit with the delegates at the World CEO Forum, you could have heard a pin drop in the room as the delegates where mesmerized with her presentation.  The content was riveting, the delivery exceptional and the feedback amazing. Heather is truly a remarkable woman with a life story that had everyone hanging on every word.  What a life, what an inspiration.  The part we had not counted on, (even contemplated really), was the fact we would get to know her and really love her personality, her character, there is a presence in the room when Heather is there that is hard to ignore, a genuinely lovely human being.  The team all enjoyed every minute of her company, my family are proud to have met her and got to know her as a person, lots of friendships were made.  We are all healthier for having met her, we are not just VBites fans, we genuinely are now Heather Mills fans!”

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