Switch 4 Good Interview

Switch 4 Good Interview

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Get To Know The Fastest Woman On Earth – An Interview With Heather Mills

Just try to keep up with Heather Mills. Literally. She holds the world record for the fastest disabled woman on skis, reaching a top speed of 103.6 miles per hour in 2015. Her accolades in alpine sports also include multiple international wins for the official British Disabled Ski Team and an additional three world records as the first disabled woman to compete professionally in the Bobsled, Skeleton, and Ski Jump. She’s also a serial entrepreneur, building and selling 3 successful businesses by the time she turned 20, and later, launching an enterprise that would become the world’s leading manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives. Out of breath yet? Heather isn’t. Among her professional ski and entrepreneurial careers, Heather also set up a refugee crisis center in London for those fleeing from the Balkan Crisis and regularly advocates for the eradication of landmines, survivor assistance, and amputee support. She does all of this on a dairy-free, plant-based diet, with a prosthetic lower left leg. Heather is living life at lightning speed, but we were able to keep pace for just a moment to learn more about what makes her fast-paced lifestyle.

Growing Up

Q: You’ve accomplished so much and lived through so many unique (both good and bad) experiences. What do you identify yourself as? Entrepreneur? Vegan? Athlete?
 All of the above, however, I suppose I would say I am someone that can overcome adversity, and I do this by problem-solving in any area in a simple way. I suppose with my life experience my greatest gift is to see no hurdles just clear green fields that I can run through. However, even in green fields, there are potholes, so when I fall down one I just climb right back out and start again.

Q: Were you involved in sports growing up as a kid? When did you discover a passion for fitness and alpine sports? 
My father was ex-army, and although what he put us through was extreme, I have to admit it is probably why I excelled in sport. My mother left when I was 9 years old so I became the housekeeper being the oldest girl. After ironing three school uniforms and two of my father’s shirts daily, I would have to jog four miles to school and back as we had no money for bus fare more than once a week. When I reached school I had training of 100 lengths every morning in the pool.

I had a choice to go to the Paralympics after I lost my leg in 1993 and had some training with Olympic gold-medallist swimmer Duncan Goodhew. However I also had huge media exposure and the chance to bring the plight of the war where I had been working previously, in the then Yugoslavia to the world, so I had to give up my dream of the Paralympics, of which I have no regrets as ultimately we fitted up over 400,000 people in nine countries around the world with prosthetic limbs and cleared 21,000,000 m² of mine-filled land.

Ironically, it was not until the age of 42 that I learned to become a Ski Racer after being stuck on a mountain in Austria when flights were stopped because of the Icelandic volcano. I was spotted by the Austrian ski team recreationally skiing in a straight line (I didn’t know how to turn with the prosthetic leg), and the rest is history.

Q: Describe the mental stages you passed through after the accident.
According to the doctor and psychotherapist, I am not your normal type of person. I did not suffer despair, the fact my mother lost her leg and they reattached it, as well as working in a war zone seeing people blown up all the time, may have had a lot to do with it. Ultimately, I believe it’s my innate determination to overcome any form of adversity of which I have had a lot in my life but not as much as others. In my 51 years, I can honestly say that from everything that seems so bad ultimately creates something so amazing—if you stay focused on your dreams.

Training for Success

Q: As an athlete, how did it feel to not be able to work out, and how did you return to fitness? 
 The loss of my leg was the least of my physical problems after being hit by a police motorcycle. My biggest injury was the crushing of my pelvis. If I had just lost my leg with no other injuries I could’ve got back to physical therapy very quickly. However, a crushed pelvis in 1993 meant you have to stay still in the hospital bed for months.

Once I was able to move around I lived on my crutches rather than in a wheelchair which gave me great upper body strength, and I got my biceps and triceps back. Later, I would sit on the bike and pedal one-legged for hours to try and rebuild the awful atrophy that takes place.

Once I was fitted with a prosthetic leg I learned to rollerblade in Hyde Park in London, something I had never even done with two legs. Then, I learned to dance on ice, something nobody had ever done with a prosthetic leg including an able-bodied gold-medallist from Australia, who told me after losing her leg she could only be a coach. For her, ice skating was impossible, but this just made me more determined, so much so I designed and developed an ice-skating leg and competed in “Dancing On Ice”—the equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars” on ice skates, creating another first.

Q: What does the training for alpine sports entail, beyond being out on the slopes? Weight training? Cardio? Endurance training? A: The typical training week is a 5am start to get on the slopes before the public does. We train at altitude from 6am to 9am for downhill, and if it’s slalom we continue until mid-day on a cordoned-off slope. In the afternoon we would go to the gym and do balance and weight training. Google Lindsey Vonn—one of the best female Skiers of all time—and you’ll see the videos of the type of training we do.

Q: Your schedule seems packed. How do you stay active, and what is your advice to those who say they “don’t have time” for fitness?
I’m going from 4am to midnight, as I am one of those lucky people (maybe because of my vegan diet) that only needs 4-5 hours of sleep. Because of this, I have more time in the day to fit things in. However, “having no time is just an excuse.” We all have busy lives; you just have to block time out even if it’s 30 to 40 minutes 4 times a week instead of going to the pub. I start at 4am and do all my emails in peace, go to the gym before the family wakes up from 6-7am, then see the kids off to school. The rest of the day is taken up by meetings, travel, and the various needs of my business and charities.

Q: You seem to have discovered the dairy-free lifestyle through a mostly raw diet at the Hippocrates Institute. How long did you adhere to a raw diet, and why did you decide to incorporate cooked foods? 
When you are seriously ill, you will do anything, and the Hippocrates Raw food diet worked for me and healed the constant infection that the hospitals could not within a matter of weeks after the hospitals had tried for months. However, as you get older, with stress I find I don’t I have enough hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes to break down raw food. Now I cook everything, even if it’s just a bit.

Q: Were you an avid cook growing up? Can you name a childhood food memory? 
As my mother had left I was actually forced to cook and became very good at it through lack of money and having to be creative with a bean pie. I used to envy the kids at school that had ham sandwiches whilst ours were void of any meat or dairy; however, I am now eternally grateful with my understanding of the detriments of meat and dairy to the body and the mind.


Living Plant-Based

Q: Your plant-based food company, VBites, has over 130 products now. What were some of the first products to launch? 
I was never keen on cheese, but I had lots of friends who were so this was the early development to create plant-based vegan cheeses, from nuts, coconut, and soy. I also missed fish, and one of the VBites biggest sellers is our fish steak which is popular in a lot of the pubs in the UK. People love it with sweet potato fries and mushy green peas. It’s a British specialty.

Q: Do you find it easy to maintain a dairy-free diet while traveling? For example, how vegan-friendly is Austria? 
Austria is surprisingly vegan-friendly. In fact, the town I chose to ski train in has a biodynamic vegetarian supermarket and restaurant. I was so excited to come off the slopes, walk over in my ski boots, and have an almond latte. However, when touring the world ski racing was very difficult. One funny story: I had an overweight suitcase and the airport check-in lady insisted on opening it…much to her surprise the tub of almond milk powder I often carry around for emergencies exploded! It made me look like a drug dealer!

Q: What did a typical day of eating and training look like for you during your ski career, and what does it look like now? 
When I wake up I have a very weak rice milk latte, followed by a gluten-free vegan chocolate protein bar, then I make a pea, hemp, and rice milk mixed protein shake to sip on throughout training. For lunch, I would have a big bowl of rice and vegetables and a pack of my VBites vegan duck, which the whole ski team got hooked on. They couldn’t get enough when I brought them in whole wheat tortilla wraps with hoisin sauce. Dinner I would usually do a rice-based pasta.

When I have some time, I love making up tons of Gyoza dumplings with a mix of VBites plant-based meat and vegetables. Then, I just heat them up throughout the week in an organic bouillon soup. I love anything green…spinach, bok choy, kale, broccoli, peas…I’ll take it all!

Q: What are your current fitness goals? Are you just looking to maintain, or try something new? Any exciting recreational ski (or other fitness) trips coming up? 
Due to major new developments with VBites and VBites Ventures (a mentorship-type company that helps plant-based start-ups expand), in regard to training, it is maintenance right now for me. However, I tend to do three sports charity events with Franz Klammer the ski racer every year, so I up the training six weeks before those. We typically participate in a skiing event, biking through the Alps, and golfing (which is surprisingly great for the mind as my ski coach introduced it to me, much to my surprise).

Q: Any final thoughts? 
Since we (VBites) started making meat, fish and dairy-free alternatives 25 years ago, the world is finally catching up and realizing that to save the planet—alongside people’s health, the animals, and the environment—we must move to become more plant-based, even if that means starting as a flexitarian.

My hope is to work with more people to create the best plant-based meat, fish, and dairy alternates possible. These foods are the necessary bridge to helping others move away from meat and dairy toward a more whole food, plant-based diet.

Visit the original article here

Heather speaking at Remax 2018 about VBites

Heather speaking at Remax 2018 about VBites

Vegan Festival Eastbourne

Vegan Festival Eastbourne

Heather attended the Vegan Festival as a special guest in Eastbourne, giving a speech about her varied businesses and experiences on the 25th January 2019. This free event had varied exhibitors, vegan food samples and beauty products.


This event was held at the Kings Building, East Susssex college and you can find out more about the event here: www.sussexvegan.com

REMAX 2018

REMAX held their annual convention on the 17th-19th  October, 2018 at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

2018 was the 10th anniversary of the European convention and Remax choose the overarching theme "X Change” where they focused on building a connection between the history of the former stock exchange in the city of Amsterdam, their anniversary and most importantly about the Remax business itself.

Heather on stage giving her talk

Heather on stage giving her talk

The convention was attended by over almost 2,000 attendees from around 40 countries including Europe, Canada, US and South Africa. The attendees were made up of real estate agents and   regional owners.

Remax promotes a franchise system where everyone is independently working and thinking as an entrepreneur. Their goal is to share ideas and experiences with the best in the industry, and build relationships taking businesses to the next level!

Heather was invited by Sebastian Troll

Executive Director Marketing after seeing her speak at The Fifteen Seconds festival in Graz

Sebastian said:

“From what I saw and heard from Heather at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, was very inspiring and personal. I saw the perfect match and believed that she would create a huge value for the people at the European Convention”

Heather was welcomed to the stage, to a standing ovation to deliver her keynote speech on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:15 - 12:00 

The speech titled ‘Inspiration from Within: Overcoming the Odds’  was a huge success. 

Heather discussed challenging people’s perception and proving all adversity can be overcome with the right frame of mind and belief in one’s ability. This was followed by a Q and A session on stage.

Members of the audience took to their social media platform.

“Thank you for your dedication to the cause Heather, the world and the animals in it need more people like you”

“Such a lovely human being”

 “You were a star, thanks”

Later on that day Heather joined a woman’s panel in the Xpertise Suite.  

unspecified-3 (1).jpeg

Alongside Heather were two other female entrepreneurs Michelle Goodridge and Daria Vodopianov.

The ‘Women's Power Breakout Session’ was an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the panels and the audience.

The aim of the panel was to help everyone work better, smarter and recruit more women into their local markets.

Michelle Goodrige (Remax Ambassador) said:

“You were amazing Heather and a true inspiration! Thanks for being a part of our conference and my women’s panel” … “You killed it!”

To read more about this event, click here:


The exclusive FASTFORWARDFORUM took place this year on the 12th - 14th of October 2018 at the Hotel Villa Belrose in Saint-Tropez, South of France.

It was a gathering of 8 international top speakers and 25 top managers and thinkers for 72 hours generating a new kind of intellectual adventure. 

The main aim of the Forum being that everyone took an active part and the top priority being audience involvement. It was not just about keynotes but an in-depth and thought provoking weekend of conversations. 



Heimo Hammer who leads one of the biggest Austrian communications agency,  Kraftwerk invited Heather to the exclusive event, as one of the 8 International speakers after seeing her speak in Graz.

He said: 

“I attended the Fifteen Seconds Festival earlier this month and was really impressed by Heather’s opening keynote”
The weekend comprised of 8 major topics of how the future of business could be built and which trends would be impacting businesses over the upcoming years.

Lectures ranged from the future of business, to the future of health care and nutrition as well as how hybrid thinking and thinking like a kid will change our way of living. 


Each speaker, including Heather, had a 30 minute speaking slot and a discussion period afterwards with the other speakers and invited attendees. Heather spoke about how adversity can shape your life and take you in a direction you never would have taken if you had not endured the extreme nature of that event. In Heather’s instance following on from her horrific accident in 1993 where she was hit by a police motorcycle, sustaining multiple injuries and losing the lower part of her left leg, evolved into her being one of the leading pioneers of the plant-based food industry.

Heather created such an impression with her speech that her contagious conviction persuaded everyone that they all wanted to try the benefits of a plant-based diet

The weekend was a resounding success and great lifelong friendships were made.

Walter, an attendee said:

“Thank you, Heather, for helping us to build a healthier, more sustainable future”

Penelope, also an attendee said:
“You did a great job at inspiring and changing the opinion of the ‘mostly closed’ locals of St Tropez”

The output of these highly creative sessions is being created into a valuable handbook for business leaders across the world and will be available in 2019.  It will focus on giving these leaders information about some of the most pressing issues and opportunities for business today. It will also give them practical actions they can take to help their own business be better prepared to take advantage of. As well as having chapters by the speakers, it will include input from the specially invited attendees, who will add to your thinking and share stories and case studies to help illustrate the topics. 

To read more about the event: Click here







         This year,  Plant Based Live  will be taking place on 8th & 9th September at ExCeL in London. Prepare for two days full of inspirational talks, cookery demos, and wonderful food.  Heather will be showcasing her plant based products from her award winning vegan food company,  VBites  and will be doing a cookery demonstration on Sunday 9th September at 1500 in the Vegan Life Kitchen.  We have exclusive 2-for-1 tickets available for the show. Treat a friend and book your 2-for-1 tickets through our special link below - be sure to select the 'VBites' ticket. Alternatively, when booking through PlantBased Live's website, simply use the promo code 'VBites'.   BOOK YOUR 2-FOR-1 TICKET    HERE     



This year, Plant Based Live will be taking place on 8th & 9th September at ExCeL in London. Prepare for two days full of inspirational talks, cookery demos, and wonderful food.

Heather will be showcasing her plant based products from her award winning vegan food company, VBites and will be doing a cookery demonstration on Sunday 9th September at 1500 in the Vegan Life Kitchen.

We have exclusive 2-for-1 tickets available for the show. Treat a friend and book your 2-for-1 tickets through our special link below - be sure to select the 'VBites' ticket. Alternatively, when booking through PlantBased Live's website, simply use the promo code 'VBites'.



Switch 4 Good

Switch 4 Good

Switch 4 Good Training Camp - Plant Based Athlete Summit                      

Los Angeles 25 - 26 August 201

Heather, invited by Dotsie Bausch an Olympian cyclist and a fellow compassionate activist for plant-based living, participated as a keynote speaker and panelist to help Athletes ditch dairy, in a Plant Based Athlete Summit held in Los Angeles, USA, 25 – 26 August 2018. 


The S4G Summit prides itself in being a training Camp for athletes, influencers, scientists and doctors who are all assisting with spreading the message that dairy is not a health food. 


The summit was filled with passionate humans, wanting to make a difference in the world and have a monumental impact on changing people’s hearts and minds to ditch dairy.


During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Dotsie, along with several other influential vegan athletes, produced a commercial, titled Switch 4 Good, in response to an advertisement put out by Milk Life. The S4G commercial, which can be viewed here, was a huge success. Dotsie and her team are now taking what was the original Switch 4 Good (S4G) Olympic commercial and are creating that into a world-wide movement.


Heather opened the Summit with an incredible keynote speech, hitting home the true dangers and myths surrounding dairy and the medical complications that can arise from consuming dairy and the impact dairy consumption has on the animals and the environment.


Throughout the course of the weekend Heather also joined other athletes and key individuals on various selected panels to discuss related topics such as the significant importance of a plant based diet and the benefits this can bring to the mind and body, as well as solutions on converting the carnivore in the short term with exact alternate meat, fish and dairy products to wean them off animals.


Each vegan athlete and influencer had their own unique story inspiring people to ditch dairy and embrace in the wellbeing of a plant based lifestyle.


Jessie Lingenfelter | Director of Public Relations said:

“Heather's presentation, video, and delicious V-Bites absolutely stole the show, and we are so grateful for her attendance!


Thank you for your help in everything related to Switch4Good and the summit.”


To read more about Switch4Good: Click here






Vegan Camp Out returned this August 2018 for another successful festival.

Vegan Camp Out, who are partnered with Viva is the UK’s largest vegan camp out, this year sporting an impressive line-up of speakers, activist workshops, yoga and fitness classes, plus a huge array of plant based food options throughout the 2 day festival.

Heather was invited by Jordan Martin the organiser, to open the festival with a keynote speech on Friday 18th September.

At 8.45pm Heather took to the stage with a crowd of over 2000 jostling for a space in the main hanger at the Nottingham Show ground.

Heather’s inspiring hour long speech covered many topics that are prevalent amongst today’s ever growing vegan society, such as the current dairy industry problem and its 3 billion cost to subsidise them from we the taxpayer to transitioning to living a plant based lifestyle, as well as activism and nutrition.

But the main message was working with the opposition and problem-solving by making the farmers self-sufficient and not a burden to the taxpayer by changing the dairy industry to grow pea protein and crops instead. Heather's company VBites can buy and utilise in the millions of tons.

Heather focusing heavily on offering solutions said:

“Instead of working against the meat and dairy industry look at offering ideas to work with them to offer solutions to stop their harm”

After the speech many attendees came up to Heather to express their motivation as to how they had been inspired to actually go out and make a difference.


Here is a brief resume of some of their social media reports:


“We need more people in the world like her. Woohoo”

“Great talk Heather! Bold and full of humour. Hopefully see you next year"

“Thank you for all that you do. It was so great to meet you and thank you in person"

“You inspire me to change”


Jordan, the organiser said:

“Thank you to everyone for being part of an event that's going to be remembered for a long time to come!"


To read more about Vegan Camp Out, click here and if you wish to buy any of the 104 award winning products from the VBites range, click here and order online today.

Challenging people’s perception of a plant based lifestyle and solving the problems people face.

Challenging people’s perception of a plant based lifestyle and solving the problems people face.

The future belongs to the curious ones...

Heather Mills gives an exhilarating keynote speech at the Fifteen Seconds Festival Europe June 7-8, 2018

Heather Mills was invited as the keynote speaker to open Europe’s leading interdisciplinary business festival in Graz, Austria at the 15 Seconds Festival Europe June 7-8, 2018.

Heather, speaking to a full house, talked about how she has pushed through incredible boundaries to become a  successful Entrepreneur, Charity Campaigner, World Record Holder and Gold medal Paralympic Ski Racer, amongst many other achievements.

The main topic of her talk however was how she founded her multi award-winning plant based vegan ethical food company, VBites, which now exports to over 24 countries and has 104 products in its range.

Heather’s speech was both uplifting and invigorating.

Afterwards Stefan Stücklschweiger said:

“It’s safe to say that the fifth edition of Fifteen Seconds Festival was our most successful ever. Heather Mills did an incredible job holding the opening keynote in front of 5,000 curious minds and really triggering emotions with her unique story and strong, motivational statements. The feedback was impressive, thanks for joining us, Heather! ”

Some of the followers of the event on social media said:

“ I loved your speech. It inspired me a lot ”

“ I admire your out of the box thinking ”

“ Well done Heather, keep speaking up for the vegans ”


What started in 2014 as a contemporary marketing conference has then since grown into an interdisciplinary business festival gathering thinkers and makers from all around the world.

In 2017 more than 4100 curious minds attended the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz. This year the festival attracted numbers in excess of 5,000.

Heather was invited by the organisers to deliver a motivational keynote speech at this highly influential festival, in order to bring more awareness to a plant-based lifestyle.

Over 194 specially selected top speakers joined Heather this year.

The focus of this year’s festival was Leaders, Solvers and Visionaries driving forward towards a positive change.

To read more about the festival, click



You won't believe it's not meat...

You won't believe it's not meat...

Heather shares simple recipes replicating your favourite dishes, but meat and dairy free, proving that going vegan isn't as hard as it looks...

Download article here


Watcha Do: Interview with Heather Mills

Watcha do's vision is to make people happy by helping them find the profession that suits them perfectly!

They have interviewed more than 6,000 people, who have already found their professional happiness. 

From Youtubers to company founders.

Watcha do can find a broad variety of professional opportunities that is out there to assist people to learn how to end up in the company culture they have always dreamed of!

Whatchdo interviewed Heather 20th April 2018

Heather, Founder of VBites, the multi-international plant based vegan food company, inspiring business aspirations for teenagers at school in Europe. 

Heather is speaking precisely and slowly in order to enable the oversees students to clearly understand her.




4 Game changers is the international digital festival for influencers, rebels, visionaries and game changers.


Heather Mills has been invited to join their eclectic mix of prestigious speakers for this years conference to be held 18 - 20 April in Vienna.

Heather will be addressing an audience of 3000 attendees.  She will be talking about how her incredible journey through life lead her to discover the entrepreneurial skills that lay within her.



Heather not only owns the multi-award winning, vegan ethical plant based food company VBites, but she also is a renowned public and motivational speaker, a philanthropist, campaigner and activist, a para-athlete in skiing winning numerous medals and a 4 times World Record Holder in Winter sports, including being the fastest disabled woman in the world, speed skiing at 166.84km/ph.

The 4 Game Changers Festival is a stage for webstars, a hub for future-oriented digital projects, the breeding ground for start-ups and the get-together for Gamechangers of all ages, industries and communities. 

It is an innovative mixture of trade conference, symposium, with an entertainment court and live music, too. 

Heather will be speaking alongside the Chancellor of Austria - Sebastian Kurz, Businessman, Pilot and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson,  Founder Women without Borders - Edit Schlaffer, CEO and Director, The Blue Minds Company - Eveline Steinberger-Kern, Founder Celebrity Sports - Detlef Soost and many, many more, that you can check out here

This festival is the place to be for the World’s most innovative and influential speakers, they will inform, inspire, surprise and delight the audience on the 4GAMECHANGERS stage. 

Previous speakers include: Randi Zuckerberg, Forest Whitaker, Sebastian Kurz, Hikmet, Ersek, Alejandro Plater, Peter Bosek and tonnes more.

Review last year’s amazing festival highlights right here

For further information on the event and how to book your ticket, click here:



@4gamechangersTwitter - @4GamechangerInstagram - @4gamehangers

Vevolution Festival 2017

Vevolution Festival 2017

Well, what can we say about Vevolution? Lots of great things - what a well-rounded and informative festival - it is one of many innovative and inspirational plant-based events that the UK has to offer, and they will be making great strides in the future - we're sure of it. 

The day was jam-packed full of panel discussions, inspirational talks, delicious food and workshops from some of the most creative and brightest vegan thinkers. 

Heather Mills took to the Vevolution main stage alongside the likes of Sarah Bentley (Founder of Made in Hackney) Hilary Jones (Ethical Director at LUSH) Derek Sarno (Wicked Healthy) and Vevolution’s own Damien Clarkson amongst an array of other exceptional plant-based innovators. 

Heather was there to promote her plant-based company V-bites alongside some other giants taking over the plant-based world. In her speech she discusses the importance of making the switch to plant-based and vegan foods, that are not only healthy but delicious and nutritious, too.

There was a ProVeg stage which hosted athletes who live on a plant-based diet just like Heather, and there were conversations with local entrepreneurs, animal activists and advocates. 

There were many different panels ranging from environmentalists leading the “Let’s talk about the cow in the room” discussion to the fitness panel, “Powered by Plants” with athletes discussing and answering questions regarding their nutrition surrounding a plant-based sustainable and achievable diet. 

The Parenting Panel was extremely informative in “Raising the next generation” where parents such as Laura Pierson (Vegan Mama) gave tips and advice on a range of topics with first-hand experience of raising the next generation of vegans and activists.

Matthew Glover (Founder of Veganuary) also shared his thoughts on effective communication and strategic campaigning for the plant-based movement and discussed his new book “How To Go Vegan” which you can check out and pre-order here.

It’s December, and yes you should totally go and sign up for Veganuary, and it’s free. 

The founders of BOSH TV, Ian and Henry were also there. These TV Vegan cooks have a burning desire to show the world just how easy it can be to eat plants. Their inventive food creations reached more than half a billion people in their first year. They cooked up a storm at the show generating an ensemble of aromas tempting all to try their delicious recipes.       

Heather delivered an inspirational and eye-opening speech to a full house on the main stage. Heather spoke passionately about the plant-based industry, the marine eco system and the importance of buying British for an hour.


Following on from Heather’s talk there was some great feedback popping up on social media:

 “The way the media can portray someone can influence your perception. @heathermillsoffical is a force to be reckoned with! What a story, what an inspiration and what an amazing woman! Loved her talk and her openness and humour. Speaking from the heart. Gutted I didn’t chat to her after” - @Louisejaynesimpson

“Heather was mind-blowing – loved her talk” - @veryanwj

“I had no idea how much amazing stuff Heather Mills has done until I saw her talk at @vevolution. She has achieved so much for human and animal welfare. She also helped launch Winchester’s Centre for Animal Welfare last year, where I’m studying” - @moonlolly

Heather said:

“It was such a pleasure to be able to inspire people from all over the country, and it was so wonderful to talk to many of them following the discussion along-side so many advocates for this movement.”

Vbites is a company delivering excellent plant-based meat alternatives, and has been making great strides for over a decade. Heather discusses how the plant-based change in the 90's had been much more difficult because there weren't any alternatives, but she managed to change that, and this is when V-bites was born.

Heather then went on to say:

“Vevolution is one of my favourite organisations in the UK right now, and for them to bring so many young and talented folk into one room was a real success. Their workshops didn’t disappoint either, and they were hosted by young and budding geniuses in this movement such as Bright Zine – who created “faces in veganism” a collaborative piece bringing everyone at the festival together in a fun and dynamic way.”

Heather was interviewed for the official program / zine created in collaboration with both Bright X Vevolution. The zine is jam-packed full of exciting articles, tips and stories by people from all walks of life.

In the article, Heather discusses her journey and hopes for the future of the vegan movement with the founder of Vevolution, Damien.

She discusses the shift in the media from the 1990’s until now, and goes on to talk about the:

 “Evidence of improvement on health from scientists like Professor Colin Campbell who wrote the China Study and making VBites incredible meat, dairy and fish replacements to make the transition easier.”

This is a step in the right direction to changing mind-sets and implementing change.  

Heather also talks about her dynamic sporting achievements and her drive towards becoming the record holder for the world’s fastest disabled speed skier. 

“I like to challenge people’s perception of disability and show that being a vegan athlete is the healthiest, proving that at nearly 50 years old you can become a world record holder and ski at a speed of 166.84kph. Plus, I am an adrenaline junkie and love extreme sports.”  

Check out a selection of photos from the event via their gallery here

Keep your eyes peeled on Vevolution’s social media for the latest updates about events!

See you next time Vevo! 


VBites wins The Great Moshimo Vegan Challenge for the 4th time

VBites wins The Great Moshimo Vegan Challenge for the 4th time


VBites, the largest UK plant-based food company owned by Heather Mills, has won The Great MOSHIMO Vegan Challenge (22nd November), beating stiff competition from some of Brighton’s top chefs.  

The annual event, which has earned Brighton’s pre-eminent Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO a prestigious PETA award for the promotion of plant-based eating, invites Brighton’s most celebrated chefs to MOSHIMO to create Japanese-inspired plant-based dishes to be voted on by customers.  

Amongst those competing was Michael Bremner from multi-award-winning 64 Degrees, and Alun Sperring from Chilli Pickle. Joining them in the competition were local restaurants La Choza, Silo, Cashew Catering, CanTina, Purezza, The Market, and Lucky Beach. 

MOSHIMO came a close second, with Purezza, the newly opened vegan pizza restaurant in Kemp Town, taking third place. The event, which has become an eagerly anticipated fixture for vegans and non-vegans alike, was set up by MOSHIMO in 2009 to demonstrate what its menu might look like in the future if fish stocks continue to deplete at the present rate. Over the years MOSHIMO has increased its vegan menu to become one of the best places to eat plant-based food in the city.  

From Wednesday 29th November 2017, MOSHIMO is launching 50% Vegan Wednesdays, where all plant-based food will be discounted by 50% for MOSHIMO Members (25% for non-Members). 


MOSHIMO became known for its work in fish sustainability due to its high profile Fishlove campaign, a series of photographs featuring naked celebrities with fish which became one of the most successful campaigns ever to end over-fishing. The images, including those of Helena Bonham-Carter, Dame Judi Dench, Mark Rylance, Gillian Anderson, Julie Christie, Lizzie Jagger, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Ben Kingsley, were shown on the front covers of the media across the world many times over. They are credited as being instrumental in some big wins for ocean conservationists. 

Nicholas Röhl, co-owner with Karl Jones of the independent restaurant, said:                          

“We’re keen on promoting not just sustainable, but what we call restorative eating, a type of ethical consumption which aims not just to make the environment sustainable, but to actually restore and improve it inorder that we give back more than we take away. Scientists believe that the world’s oceans will be without fish by the middle of this century if fishing methods do not change substantially.” 

Karl Jones went on to say:                                 

“Demand for fish continues to grow, and the methods for catching fish remain unsustainable, so we’re keen to look at approaches to protect fish stocks for future generations. One of the ways we can do this is to increase the amount of plant-based food and decrease the amount of animal or fish protein on our plate.” 


Heather Mills has led the Vegan movement for 25years. Having worked on fish, meat and dairy replacements for years, Heather created VBites in 2009. It now distributes over 85 products to 24 countries.  

Moshimo’s co-owner Karl Jones was inspired by Heather’s Vegan duck and cheeses enough to be the first non-vegan restaurants to offer meat, fish and dairy replacements.

VBites winning dish, their 4th since the event began, was an inspired Duck style gyoza dumpling with beetroot powdered garnish, micoherbs with ginger water dressing and homemade tare sauce. To further save the Marine eco-system Heather has produced an Algal Oil that will wipe out the need for Omega 3 fish oil capsules. Heather has been developing it for 10 years when she realised overfishing for oil is causing more devastation than the consumption of fish.

For further information, images, and quotes please contact nicky@moshimo.co.uk


Food Business Expo 7th November 2017

Food Business Expo 7th November 2017

Heather Mills was invited by Food and Drink Business Europe to speak at Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 7th November 2017.

The event was not only attended by food and drink professionals from across Europe, but over 2,000 key decisions makers from the UK’s leading food processing, rentals and food service industries participated.

There were a range of seminars and panel discussions highlighting the key issues facing the industry.

Fifteen individual conferences dedicated to food, beverage and the manufacturing service were held, with over 250 speakers covering topics of interest currently facing the sector.

The event was a collection of a wide number of individual events with their own individual focus. By gathering delegates and advocates in one room, the Food and Drink Business Expo created a perfect environment for cooperation and networking.

Heather was invited and chose to speak about the current manufacturing market, plant based foods and the challenges facing the marine eco system.


In her speech Heather discussed the importance of business manufacturing and delivering consumer advantage through nutrition, taste and function when promoting her Award winning 20 yr old Plant Based food company VBites.

Highlighting the fact that a vegan diet ultimately saved her life over two decades ago, when she explained in 1993. On Lorraine Kellys GMTV,  the nutritional benefits and results are only now being brought to light in the media.

After experiencing such a traumatic event first hand, Heather is now able to provide the drive and motivation to adapt a lifestyle that will benefit not only health, but the planet and long term eco-system as well.

Heather discussed the benefits of being plant-based, the effects that it has on the marine eco-system, and the fact that you can now take oil from algae and develop vitamins and oil capsules that will change the way we treat our planet. Ultimately this research and the findings will save fish, marine life and the eco-system that is slowly being wiped out by us humans. There isn't just a focus on marine life, Heather also discusses the other animals that are suffering every day - she spoke about the importance of saving as many sentient beings as possible. For example within the fashion industry, many companies are changing their views on using real fur for their products - it is a small step in the right direction that others need to then  follow.

As well as this, and a key focus on heath and nutritional benefits, she went on to encourage people to shop locally and to buy British products which will ultimately help the food and drink industry going forward.

Chris Sturman, Chief Executive of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation spoke on the main stage about the challenges we may face in the future.

He said:

“Europe has complex supply chains and at the moment  there is no clear plan from the Government. Shippers will need time to adjust to a new reality. For every hour of delay at customs, there is a £15,000 cost to road haulage and that is not sustainable. Shopping locally and supporting independent British businesses will be what drives the countries Food and Drink industry in 2018 and the future.”

The show itself covered top trends across the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors, from improving traceability and consumer trust, transforming productivity, to highlighting the latest new ingredients and super foods currently making an impression on the industry.

For further information, click here: http://www.fooddrinkevent.co.uk


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London Food Tech Week

London Food Tech Week

Heather Mills, founder and owner of VBites foods was invited by YFood and London Food Tech week to showcase her multi-award winning 100% plant based company by presenting a luncheon for 250 to the food industries invitees.

London Food Tech week is the largest week long showcase and collaboration of companies and trends forming the food ecosystem using technology.

The Hyper (R)Evolution Of Eating took place on Monday 30th October 2017 at Banking Hall situated in London’s Square Mile, looking out over the historic Bank of England.

Just before lunch was served, Heather gave a short, but detailed introduction to her innovative and leading, original meat, dairy and fish free brand, VBites.

Many companies are trying unsuccessfully to replicate VBites products resulting in a plant based product of poor quality.

It's easy to make great tasting vegetarian products but they are full of egg and milk. Making vegan meatless products taste real is an art...

Award winning tasty fish and chips with a tartare mayonnaise, mini quiche’s, sausages rolls, hoisin duck spring rolls as well as the soon to be launched, premium VBites beef style super burger were on the menu.

Many of those present at the luncheon were astonished at how incredible the food tasted and how the flavours and texture of the plant based alternatives were identical to ‘the real thing'.

Heather said:

I was really motivated to hear the comments of the attendees today during lunch. A lot of people came up to me during the lunch hour to say that they had no idea that plant based food could taste quite so amazing and look so much like real meat and fish.

I obviously love feeding the plant based lovers, but it really gives me satisfaction when the carnivores are blown away by our products and are asking me where they can buy VBites foods.

Without them loving it we will never save people, health, the animals and the environment on a grand and much needed scale.”

VBites currently has over 74 products in its plant based range and exports to 24 countries.

If you are interested in business or franchise opportunities please click here, or please e-mail: info@vbitesfoods.com

For more information about YFood, visit here.

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