Switch 4 Good Training Camp - Plant Based Athlete Summit                      

Los Angeles 25 - 26 August 201

Heather, invited by Dotsie Bausch an Olympian cyclist and a fellow compassionate activist for plant-based living, participated as a keynote speaker and panelist to help Athletes ditch dairy, in a Plant Based Athlete Summit held in Los Angeles, USA, 25 – 26 August 2018. 


The S4G Summit prides itself in being a training Camp for athletes, influencers, scientists and doctors who are all assisting with spreading the message that dairy is not a health food. 


The summit was filled with passionate humans, wanting to make a difference in the world and have a monumental impact on changing people’s hearts and minds to ditch dairy.


During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Dotsie, along with several other influential vegan athletes, produced a commercial, titled Switch 4 Good, in response to an advertisement put out by Milk Life. The S4G commercial, which can be viewed here, was a huge success. Dotsie and her team are now taking what was the original Switch 4 Good (S4G) Olympic commercial and are creating that into a world-wide movement.


Heather opened the Summit with an incredible keynote speech, hitting home the true dangers and myths surrounding dairy and the medical complications that can arise from consuming dairy and the impact dairy consumption has on the animals and the environment.


Throughout the course of the weekend Heather also joined other athletes and key individuals on various selected panels to discuss related topics such as the significant importance of a plant based diet and the benefits this can bring to the mind and body, as well as solutions on converting the carnivore in the short term with exact alternate meat, fish and dairy products to wean them off animals.


Each vegan athlete and influencer had their own unique story inspiring people to ditch dairy and embrace in the wellbeing of a plant based lifestyle.


Jessie Lingenfelter | Director of Public Relations said:

“Heather's presentation, video, and delicious V-Bites absolutely stole the show, and we are so grateful for her attendance!


Thank you for your help in everything related to Switch4Good and the summit.”


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