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Plant-Based Protein panel discussion at International Food and Drink Exhibition, London

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Heather was on the panel discussion at the International Food and Drink Exhibition in London.

This panel discussion titled ‘The Role of Protein in Plant-Based Product Innovation’ covered the diverse market alongside Robert Woodall, Carole Bingley and Tiia Morsky. This exciting panel discussion took place between 1:30pm and 2:15 on the 17th of March 2019 and people asked questions about the future of plant-based foods.

Heather’s award winning vegan food company VBites Foods exhibited showcasing their new allergen free coconut delicious new vegan cheeses; Edam Style, Pepperjack Style, Blue Style, Red and White Style Cheddar, Hard Italian Style, Mozzarella and three super melting cheeses. The delicious VBites plant-based burgers, sausages and minced meat were also out for people to try and people said things such as “the taste is incredible” and “It tastes so similar to real meat. I can’t believe it”.

“Live on the Talking Trends stage with Heather, VBites, Campden BRI and Meatless Farm are discussing the role of protein in plant-based eating”- IFE organisers

Heather has invested in various innovative plant-based companies through VBites Ventures and some of them attended the IFE investment companies through VBites Ventures, working alongside VBites from our mobile Airstream were the VBites Ventures companies One Plant Pizza, Love Seitan and Mlk Man.

The discussion covered the opportunities for plant-based food, challenges and the importance of the growth of this market. Heather’s vegan food company VBites Foods attended this event showcasing our delicious new vegan cheeses, burgers, sausages and minced meat. Some of Heather’s investment companies through VBites Ventures also attended, including One Plant Pizza, Love Seitan and Mlk Man.

People line up to taste the delicious new foods.

People line up to taste the delicious new foods.

The feedback from visitors were great and people enjoyed the incredible taste of the new plant-based meats and cheese that were on offer. Heather was involved in a panel discussion by the Northern Powerhouse with VBites tasters.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Northern Powerhouse Showcase event at IFE19 and to our panel, Heather and Chris.” Suzie, delegate

“The inspirational Heather Mills speaking passionately on all things food, vegan and more.” Doctor Seaweed

“Had a great time today on stage at IFE London hosting and providing canapés for northern powerhouse. Big thank you to Heather for joining me on stage and encapsulating what great northern business and food & drink is about!” Chris Hale

Heather and VBites were alongside 1350 other food and drink exhibitors and it was great to see so many innovative brands within the plant-based market.

Find out more information about the VBites stand here

Event Details:

1:30pm - 2:15pm Sunday 17th March

Talking Trends Stage

The International
Food & Drink Event

17-20 March 2019
ExCeL London

Find out more information here!

The Role of Protein in Plant Based Product Innovation

“We are a nation obsessed with protein, and this doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon, join our panel as they discuss new protein trends and how these are shaping the healthy eating industry.”


REMAX 2018

REMAX held their annual convention on the 17th-19th  October, 2018 at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the European convention and Remax choose the overarching theme "X Change” where they focused on building a connection between the history of the former stock exchange in the city of Amsterdam, their anniversary and most importantly about the Remax business itself.

Heather on stage giving her talk

Heather on stage giving her talk

The convention was attended by over almost 2,000 attendees from around 40 countries including Europe, Canada, US and South Africa. The attendees were made up of real estate agents and   regional owners.

Remax promotes a franchise system where everyone is independently working and thinking as an entrepreneur. Their goal is to share ideas and experiences with the best in the industry, and build relationships taking businesses to the next level!

Heather was invited by Sebastian Troll

Executive Director Marketing after seeing her speak at The Fifteen Seconds festival in Graz

Sebastian said:

“From what I saw and heard from Heather at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, was very inspiring and personal. I saw the perfect match and believed that she would create a huge value for the people at the European Convention”

Heather was welcomed to the stage, to a standing ovation to deliver her keynote speech on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:15 - 12:00 

The speech titled ‘Inspiration from Within: Overcoming the Odds’  was a huge success. 

Heather discussed challenging people’s perception and proving all adversity can be overcome with the right frame of mind and belief in one’s ability. This was followed by a Q and A session on stage.

Members of the audience took to their social media platform.

“Thank you for your dedication to the cause Heather, the world and the animals in it need more people like you”

“Such a lovely human being”

 “You were a star, thanks”

Later on that day Heather joined a woman’s panel in the Xpertise Suite.  

unspecified-3 (1).jpeg

Alongside Heather were two other female entrepreneurs Michelle Goodridge and Daria Vodopianov.

The ‘Women's Power Breakout Session’ was an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the panels and the audience.

The aim of the panel was to help everyone work better, smarter and recruit more women into their local markets.

Michelle Goodrige (Remax Ambassador) said:

“You were amazing Heather and a true inspiration! Thanks for being a part of our conference and my women’s panel” … “You killed it!”

To read more about this event, click here:


The exclusive FASTFORWARDFORUM took place this year on the 12th - 14th of October 2018 at the Hotel Villa Belrose in Saint-Tropez, South of France.

It was a gathering of 8 international top speakers and 25 top managers and thinkers for 72 hours generating a new kind of intellectual adventure. 

The main aim of the Forum being that everyone took an active part and the top priority being audience involvement. It was not just about keynotes but an in-depth and thought provoking weekend of conversations. 

Heimo Hammer who leads one of the biggest Austrian communications agency,  Kraftwerk invited Heather to the exclusive event, as one of the 8 International speakers after seeing her speak in Graz.

He said: 



“I attended the Fifteen Seconds Festival earlier this month and was really impressed by Heather’s opening keynote”
The weekend comprised of 8 major topics of how the future of business could be built and which trends would be impacting businesses over the upcoming years.

Lectures ranged from the future of business, to the future of health care and nutrition as well as how hybrid thinking and thinking like a kid will change our way of living. 


Each speaker, including Heather, had a 30 minute speaking slot and a discussion period afterwards with the other speakers and invited attendees. Heather spoke about how adversity can shape your life and take you in a direction you never would have taken if you had not endured the extreme nature of that event. In Heather’s instance following on from her horrific accident in 1993 where she was hit by a police motorcycle, sustaining multiple injuries and losing the lower part of her left leg, evolved into her being one of the leading pioneers of the plant-based food industry.

Heather created such an impression with her speech that her contagious conviction persuaded everyone that they all wanted to try the benefits of a plant-based diet

The weekend was a resounding success and great lifelong friendships were made.

Walter, an attendee said:

“Thank you, Heather, for helping us to build a healthier, more sustainable future”

Penelope, also an attendee said:
“You did a great job at inspiring and changing the opinion of the ‘mostly closed’ locals of St Tropez”

The output of these highly creative sessions is being created into a valuable handbook for business leaders across the world and will be available in 2019.  It will focus on giving these leaders information about some of the most pressing issues and opportunities for business today. It will also give them practical actions they can take to help their own business be better prepared to take advantage of. As well as having chapters by the speakers, it will include input from the specially invited attendees, who will add to your thinking and share stories and case studies to help illustrate the topics. 

To read more about the event: Click here