The Night Race in Schladming is the ski circuit’s most spectacular ski race held in WM Park Planai Schladming at night.

It is internationally known The Night Race.

It is one of Austria’s biggest events in the Alpine Ski Calendar, where the world alpine ski championships were held in 2013.

Heather joined this world famous annual event along with 50,000 ski-fans who transformed the Planai stadium into an international sea of flags, turning the centre of Schladming into the “Fan Mile”.

The fans were able to watch the race and get a close up view of their favourite world cup hero's by climbing the man made ice steps, on either side of the slope, which had been especially cut out of the snow to house the enormous crowd.

A collection of over 70 top world cup ski racers came together to tackle the gruelling men’s slalom race at night, set on the black ski piste of the Planai.

The course was flood lit by huge powerful halogen lights and was televised live by the world’s media.

The 50,000 fans were not disappointed as the race not could not have been more dramatic: 

With a delay of +2.59 seconds in the first run caused by fogged goggles, Austrian skiing hero, Marcel Hirscher raced from rank 22, to astonishingly podium into second place on the second run.

The happy winner once again was the Norwegian top talent Henrik Kristoffersen, and last years winner, the Russian skier Alexander Khoroschilov, won third place.