Ever since I can remember I have loved chocolate.

As a kid it was a real treat and we had no idea we were not eating real chocolate, most of the large manufacturers used mainly milk and sugar and miniscule amounts of cocoa butter.

In fact the first time I tried real chocolate I did not like it as my taste buds were so addicted to sugar.

It was only when I discovered that dairy was giving me acne that vanity took over and I discovered a way to wean myself off my sugar addiction.

This was over 26yrs ago and the only way I managed it was with diabetic chocolate.

I tricked my mind into thinking i was eating my usual chocolate until my sugar cravings subsided.

I then started to make my own chocolate protein balls and freeze them with rice protein powder cocoa , almonds and dates..

Every monthly PMT moment of weakness made this my saviour from a risky decline to my old eating patterns....

Cocoa powder is made by crushing the beans and removing the cocoa butter.

It is rich in polyphenols, which are naturally occurring anti-oxidants also found in fruits, vegetables and teas.

In its raw state it improves Nitric Oxide levels ( which studies have shown help reduce high blood pressure)

Flavonoids found on cocoa improve nitric oxide which relaxes and dilates your arteries and blood vessels and improves blood flow.

The more it is heated the more it’s health benefits are decreased.

Now why do we feel better after consuming it.

Well, studies claim the flavonols conversion of tryptophan a natural mood stabilizer affecting serotonin could be the trick, also the natural caffeine content and the simple pleasure of eating chocolate..

Over indulgence in anything is never recommended.

However a nice oat milk cocoa drink when stressed is my bedtime go to..

And even that has now been proven to bring calmness and contentment..

On the other hand how could the pleasure not....

Now in 2019 you can pick up healthy snacks in most health food stores.

My favorite treat is The Avocado chocolate pot, made from Cocoa powder, avocado, cashew nuts and dates, a nice clean label, found online at Onist.com, if you do not have a local Wholefoods.

And top it all it’s a buy one, give one, helping charity.

What’s not to love...