A new pop-up takeaway serving award-winning plant-based foods from ethical food firm VBites has opened in Vienna, Austria.

Located in the busy Mariahilferstraße 101 shopping area, the ‘vegan to-go’ takeaway is open six days a week and offers a selection of vegan foods along with vegan beers and iced tea.

Visitors to the pop-up can choose from the delicious VBites meat-free pizzas, burgers, fries and wraps, as well as Thai curry soup and salad.

Stand out options include the vegan doner kebab featuring VBites’ meat-free ‘lamb’ and the hoisin ‘duck’ wrap.

The first of VBites’ expansion into Europe, the potential franchise was initially set to run for two months and could become a permanent fixture if it proves a success, according to Paul-Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld, a potential franchisee and promoter of the vegan takeaway. 

"Vegan food is really booming worldwide," he said. “With VBites we have a strong and established partner. If the pop up is successful, we plan to establish a year-round business. Feedback so far has been extremely positive."

All VBites foods are made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, and are free from animal products/derivatives, cholesterol, lactose, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and GMOs. This means they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, people who are lactose or casein intolerant, meat reducers and those looking for healthier and more ethical lifestyles. Many VBites foods are also kosher and halal approved, as well as pareve.  

The VBites ‘vegan to-go’ takeaway is open from 10am till 8pm, Monday to Saturday. There is also an outside seating area to enjoy the delicious food in the Austrian sun.