Heather Mills had great success showcasing her award winning Ethical Vegan food range, VBites at the Vienna Well Balance fair September 15 - 18th 2016 at the Messe, in Vienna.

Vegan food is very new to Austria but the boom has started and Austria will soon catch up with the other leaders such as Sweden, Australia and Germany.

The UK has understood Veganism for quite some time, but there are still those who remain uneducated on the benefits of a plant based diet.

Austria plan to open their first VBites Vegan cafe early 2017 in the centre of Vienna.

The Austrian Vegan Society, who were also exhibiting at the Wellbalance Fair, were most helpful in offering to sample the edible delights, especially an Austrian favourite, The Weiner Schnitzel.

Many of the visitors could not believe it was Vegan and enquired if it is possible to franchise VBites cafes.

The VBites Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of meat-free, vegan meat substitutes, fish free and diary free alternatives. VBites is made up of three business units, VBites Foods , VBites Cafe’s, VBites Franchises, all of which sit in unison together and bring to the fore front the VBites mission statement.

VBites vision is to make a meat-free diet a viable, healthy, satisfying and sustainable proposition. 

VBites is distributed in over 18 countries worldwide and comprises of several reputable sub-brands, no other 100% vegan company comes close in variety or product.

VBites featured as one of the top exhibitors and was part of a collection of national and international companies sharing their knowledge, experiences, progress and news with the multitude of visitors that attended the fair over the course of the 4 days.

VBites was not only promoting it’s products on the VBites stand, but Heather also gave daily cooking demonstrations and motivational speeches.

Additionally the fair covered a variety of issues including: Beauty, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle.

Heather, a long time advocate of veganism is proud to be at the flagship of her company. VBites has 74 products in it’s range which are vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher and pareve certified.

As well as lectures from renowned speakers, there were also panel discussions, entertaining show acts and professional and personalised consultations available during the fair.