Heather sustained a wrist and knee injury whilst training for the semi finals for the high energy winter sports TV show, The Jump.

Heather, training for the ski cross event, crashed into a fence the night before the live show, when she was doing an inspection run, rupturing her thumb socket and suffering ligament damage to her MCL.

Sporting a hand brace and knee brace, Davina Mccall, The Jump presenter, broke the news on live TV that Heather would not be competing and had to withdraw from the competition.

Heather said: 

'I went and caught one of the ice balls and went down. I was lucky that my injury will heal and that I didn't break any bones"

Heather entered the competition having recently suffered a scaphoid injury operation and had just had her cast removed, as well as 19 stitches from her knee..

Heather, who had previously competed on the show in 2015, and had to exit show one due to a prosthetic foot breakage, was ecstatic to be invited back and show off her skiing skills..

Though very disappointed to have to leave due to injury Heather appeared to be in high spirits as she had achieved the biggest jump in the entire series of TV shows, but because of her exit, it sadly will not be shown.

Heather was taken straight to hospital where the injuries were diagnosed. She will now be recuperating and spending time with her family.