Heather was in Milan on the 7th of May speaking at Seeds&Chips, the leading food innovation summit in the world. Heather spoke on a panel with Maria Helena Semedo and Angel Leon in front of 300 people regarding the theme ‘Healthy and Sustainable Diets For All’. The session started approximately at 10.00, in “Future” conference hall. There was an audience with an introduction by Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The event had 12,000 visitors, 300 speakers, 50 events and 600 meetings; creating discussion about agriculture and the importance of sustainability. Previous speakers at this event include Barack H. Obama, John Ceery, Nathan Myhrvold and Howard Schultz. Other speakers at the event include Alec Baldwin, Susan Rockefeller and Kerry Kennedy.

Lifegate’s published article can be found here


“On behalf of the entire Seeds&Chips team, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the words you delivered at the fifth edition of Seeds&Chips in Milan. Your support is what strengthens our ecosystem and makes us believe that a sustainable food future is possible. Your energy and enthusiasm, inspire us all to do more, and to do better.

 It is an incredible privilege and honor for me to be able to meet and bring together so many extraordinary speakers with different skillsets and backgrounds, whose collaboration is precisely what the world needs to transform the food system. Your deep knowledge and experience helped make the Summit a great success. When we began our work at Seeds&Chips, we wanted to do our part to create a better food system for everyone and for the planet. Over the past four years since those halcyon days, I became ever more aware that the food chain does not exist in a vacuum, and that our world is an intricate system of infinite moving parts which, in order to change, must all change together.

 Once again, we are immensely grateful for your support, and we wish you and Ruth the best in your professional endeavors. We look forward to continuing the conversation in future Summits: Melbourne, Australia (3-5 September 2019) and Milan, Italy (18-20 May 2020).”