Held annually, the Shopware Community Day informs E-Commerce enthusiasts from across Europe about the current state – and future – of digital commerce.

Shopware Community Day is celebrating its 9th year and with more than 2,500 visitors, 50 Speakers and 40 exhibitors expected it will be one of the biggest E-Commerce events in Germany with the event taking place at the Landscape Park (Landschaftspark) in Duisburg.

At 1400 Heather delivered a keynote speech on the Inspiration Stage, which will address the current dilemma with farmers.

“From farmer to plate – E-Commerce benefits every area of business”

delegates joined Heather on a journey discovering which technological, scientific and social trends are driving E-Commerce, along with the solutions being developed today that will shape the business models of the future.

For more information about the event click here: https://scd.shopware.com/en/