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This year’s Viva Vegan festival was on the 18th of May in Birmingham and celebrated the 25th anniversary of Viva. Heather has been a long-standing patron of Viva working with Julliet Gellatley for many years, so was invited to give a speech at the event.

Many manufacturers are starting to realise the future is plant-based with no animal cruelty, however many of them are claiming to be vegan and are not, or, confuse the consumer by putting vegan next to one of their products duping the consumer to believe all of the products are vegan. Attendees learned what makes make-up not vegan, how to avoid these products and how to encourage manufacturers to steer clear of them.

Delegates came to New Bingley Hall, and indulged in the most delicious food and vegan delicacies and shop for ethical clothing, cruelty-free cosmetics and much more! There was also free nutritional advice and all the information you need to follow a vegan lifestyle. Whether you're vegan, veggie, or just V-curious.

Heather’s brand new VEGAN cosmetic brand Be At One was launched at the event showcasing some incredible products.


Find out more information about the event here

Sat 18 May 2019 | 10:30 to 18:00 | £3 Entry

New Bingley Hall, 1 Hockley Circus, Birmingham B18 5PP

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