Thursday 28th April 2016

Dr Christian Reiter, partner at the THUM WEINREICH SCHWARZ CHYBA REITER law group invited Heather Mills to address an audience of 300 business professionals at an exclusive evening named…

“Where Ski Meets Business”

This event, combining economical and sports topics first took place in October 2015 and focused on raising funds for the sportive development of Alpine ski racers, Cross Country ski racers and Biathletes.

Heather donated her time to this charitable event, which is now in its second year.

Heather made her mark and has established a career as an accomplished Alpine ski racer. 

Heather started her ski racing career back in 2010 at the masters age of 42. She went to Austria on vacation and was spotted by professional ex Austrian Olympic ski coach, Peter Prodinger, skiing in a straight line down a black run at 120 km/ph on slalom skis.

From that moment on Heather’s path was set. She, not only fell in love with the mountains, but went onto become a very skilled and accomplished ski racer. She has won an array of alpine ski medals, and is also a World Record Holder in 4 winter sports, including Speed Skiing at 166.84km/ph.

Heather, a renowned business woman owns, amongst other things, one of the most famous vegan, ethical food companies in the World, VBites. VBites was recently presented in the USA on The Oprah Winfrey show.

Therefore, “Where Ski Meets Business” was the ideal subject for Heather to cover.

The evening was a huge success and every seat was taken in the exquisite Autohaus Porsche showroom in St Pölten. 

Heather spoke for an hour spoke with passion covering many subjects from disability, sporting achievements and the rewards of running an award winning vegan food empire.

But the most important message Heather portrayed to her audience that night was about the values of life and how important it is to fulfil every single minute.

Heather holds Austria very close to her heart. The country has extended much warmth and gratitude to Heather’s years of commitment to business, charity and the world of sport.

Christian Reiter said :

“It was really a night to remember. Everyone was fascinated by Heather’s speech, by her personality and also by her beauty. For me and the whole federation the evening was a huge success. Heather is such a generous and warm hearted person, and that fact that she spent a total of travelling over 6 hours to speak at our event, is remarkable.

There are no words for this”.