Heather Mills was invited by Crookhorn College, Waterlooville to open their Distinguished Visitors Campaign on the 22nd November 2016.

The aim of the Campaign is to raise the aspirations of students, so that they feel that they can go on to achieve more in life, through strength and determination.

Crookhorn asked Heather to give a talk to 100, Year 9 and 10 students about following their dreams and working hard to achieve their goals. 

James Collins, the Assistant Head Teacher at Crookhorn College said:

“This is a new scheme where we are asking people who have been successful in their lives, especially after overcoming great adversity, to come and talk to our students to motivate them in discussing what they have achieved. Heather is a great role model for our students.”

Heather, spoke for about 40 minutes, after showing a short inspiring motivational video. 

Heather spoke frankly about her difficult start in life and how she used this as a positive tool to push forward. She talked openly about her personal rollercoaster and then went onto the challenges the students are likely to face not only in school, but when they leave school.

The students, unaware of many aspects of Heather’s work, ranging from her extensive decades of charity work, counselling of 1000s of disabled individuals, varied television work, and much more, sat quietly throughout the entire speech.

Being exam day Heather was delighted and surprised that every student stayed for the Q&A session and queued after her inspiring talk to speak with her and sign requested autographs.

Head Teacher, Sarah Bennet said:

“The feedback that I received from the students who attended was that they found Heather’s speech, both inspirational and motivational and were able to relate to parts of her journey. As one of the Year 9 students said “Heather shows you, that you can do what ever you want to do and anything is impossible.' "

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