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Putting as many plants on your plate as possible is the whey to go.

Campaigner and food writer Heather mills on whey protein vs plant-based alternatives...

Many years ago I was contacted by scientist Professor T colin campbell. He had conducted a collaborative study between America, the UK and china on the benefits of dairy, from cornell University in New York. Growing up on a dairy farm, he hoped and believed his study would show that dairy was a healthy product. In his words to me, he had discovered – after analysing the biggest study in history of its kind – that we could actually turn the growth of cancer cells on and off by raising and lowering doses of casein, the main protein found in cow’s milk. Being brought up on a dairy farm initially made these statistics horrifying for him, but they were now fact. Other findings included the fact that although milk had calcium in it, it leeched the bones of calcium when consumed – meaning your body was in a deficit. “People who ate the most animal-based foods suffered the most chronic disease. People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest,” the authors state. Whether you’re going vegan or not, they suggest putting as many plants on your plate as possible at every meal. Many gym goers are hooked on buying huge packs of whey protein and casein – not connecting the dots when some of them get severe acne or a lot of mucus. All this aside from the scientifically proven fact that ditching dairy can help reduce the risk and even reverse heart disease by adding a wholefood plant-based diet. It’s really easy to find your favourite food replacements in most supermarkets or online at Ocado. Morrison’s has launched a new allergen-free, plant-based cheese in numerous flavours in selected stores. If you need a whey protein replacement, try fitdelis.com chocolate protein powder – that’s my daily breakfast. On a cold day, I mix it into my porridge for a chocolate protein boost. I doubt in your busy lives you will have time to read The china study by Professor T-colin campbell, and it is certainly not a holiday beach read, however, you can google the information or watch his speech online to get more facts than I can write in this column.