THE V WORD - Omega 3

As time passed I met more and more people who wanted to give up fish but
were obsessed with consuming omega 3

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THE V WORD - Plant Based Diet

I hope these key facts give you the incentive to choose a yummy VBites vegan burger over a beef burger.
— Heather's hints on making a transition to a plant based diet

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THE V WORD - Eating Out

Despite the change in attitude toward vegan food seen recently, there is still room for improvement.
— Heather on eating out

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THE V WORD - Powered By Plants

I have been athletic since a young age, but staying fit and healthy has not been easy. When I was younger, I (like most others) believed the huge marketing campaigns by the meat and dairy industry targeting our schools that they were the best sources of protein and calcium
— on protein myths

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THE V WORD - Chocoholic Memories

In the fifth installment of the V Word for Prime Impact, Heather discusses the dangers of sugar and chocolate around Easter. 

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