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Cat & Dog Fur Ban

24th May 2006

China Vowes to Stamp Out Trade in Dog & Cat Fur

After months and months of relentless campaigning, Heather and the team were delighted at the announcement that China had agreed to do everything in its power to stop the cruel and brutal trade in cat and dog fur for fashion. The wrap up warm DVD had been sent to the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, The Media, the Fashion Industry and additionally almost 3,000 copies were distributed to the powerful and the influential of the movie industry at 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

The breakthrough news came following a high level meeting in Beijing with MEP Struan Stevenson. Senior officials in the Chinese government vowed to stamp out the trade which they went on to describe as ‘illegal’ and ‘brutal’.

Struan Stevenson was now able to report to Commissioner Kyprianou, the European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, that there would be no opposition in China to his proposed directive banning the import, export and trade in cat and dog pelts across the EU. An important barrier to the implementation of the necessary EU wide ban had been removed.

Indeed, the senior Government officials in Beijing made it quite clear that they would regard an EU ban as helpful in their fight to stamp out this cruel trade. China had consistently refused to acknowledge their role in the problem but with an ever increasing movement of people and worldwide media coverage on the issue condemning this trade they were forced into action.