Heather Mills


No More LandminesHeather is deeply saddened to hear of the demise of the charity ‘Adopt a Minefield’. She worked for over fifteen years to keep the landmine issue in the public eye and to raise funds for the cause. Heather’s personal affinity with the survivors of these vile weapons of war spurred her onward to raise money in an attempt to outlaw landmines once and for all.

With the help of her ex-husband she organised many concerts and charity galas, which raised millions of pounds for the cause and helped to keep the issue firmly in the public eye. When Heather separated from her husband she received a huge amount of negative press for a sustained period. Heather remonstrated on many occasions how this vilification was impacting on the charity and those that it supports. Heather wished wholeheartedly to continue her fundraising efforts and continue organising the galas that were so successful in raising funds.

Heather MillsIt was heart breaking for Heather to be informed by the charity that they could no longer work with her after her divorce and her involvement was no longer required. It pains her to see that since their decision they have not been able to keep the issue prominently in the minds of the public.

The eradication of landmines and survivor assistance was Heather’s main focus for over 15 years. AAM and No More Landmines were campaigns that raised awareness and funds to clear landmines and rehabilitate landmine survivors. Heather brought the programme to the UK from the United States, and it was because of her experience that the No More Landmines mission was expanded to include survivor assistance.

Landmines kill or injure someone, somewhere, every half hour of every day. Since Heather's involvement in the war in the former Yugoslavia in 1991, the combined efforts of Heather and her team have raised over $18.5 million (over £9.8 million) and cleared over 21.5 million square metres of land. 64 landmine survivor projects have been funded through $2 million of funding to 70 survivor assistance projects run by 25 different organisations.

Heather now works behind the scenes counseling amputees and the victims of landmines. No more landmines mine clearance operations, mine risk education programmes, mine clearance training and mine detection dog training programmes have been taken over by the Mines Awareness trust.

To learn more about Mines Awareness Trust please visit www.minesawareness.org for more information.

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