History of Heather Mills 

Born 12 January 1968, UK

1986 - Heather started her business career after leaving home at the age of 14,  successfully building and selling 3 businesses by the age of 20.

1990 - Heather moved to the former Yugoslavia, now Slovenia and became involved in the Balkan Crisis. She setup a refugee crisis centre in London, funded from her UK businesses. And started a career in Charity and Campaigning.

1993 - Returning from the Balkan Crisis to advise the shadow defence secretary, Heather was involved in a road traffic accident in the UK, resulting in the loss of her lower leg, a fractured skull, a crushed pelvis and ribs, and a punctured lung.

1993 - Career started in Television, Counselling and Public Speaking.

2008 - Created VBites, The International Vegan ethical food company.

2009 - Founded VBites restaurants.

2010 - Started professional career in Alpine Ski Racing.


Some of Heather's Awards

1996 - Outstanding Young Person of the Year: Overcoming adversity.

1996 - Gold Award for Outstanding Achievement: Outstanding achievement.

1996 - Human Achievement Award: The Times: Outstanding charity work.

1996 - Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 28: Work with landmines and amputees.

1999 - Pride of Britain Awards: Saving lives and making the community a better place.

2001 - Croatian Humanitarian Award: from Croatian Prime Minister, Ivica Racan.

2003 - Open University Sesame Honorary Graduate: Philanthropic work on behalf of amputees.

2003 - Melvin Jones Fellow Lion Award: Acknowledgement of work with war victims.

2004 - Inaugural UNESCO Children in Need Award: Commitment to victims of landmines.

2004 - UCI University of California Irvine Fellowship Award in Human Security

2004 - Open University Doctorate

2005 - PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Humanitarian Award.

2006 - Graduate Fellowship in Human Security, UCI

2007 - Vegan Society Achievement Awards: Voted the peoples favourite vegan

2008 - Animal Activist of the Year

2009 - VegNews Person of the Year: most successful vegan businesswoman.

2010 - Compassionate Visionary Award: Outstanding work on behalf of farmed animals.

2010 - Easter Seals Lilli and Allan Shedlin Award: Uncompromising commitment to help others.